Make your best memories of the past two years Make your best memories of the past two years

Funopticon is an extended weekend of fun & games, bonding, debauchery, and World War II documentaries*. Think of it as being somewhere in between summer camp for adults and a music festival minus the music.

95% of those who attended in 2019 said Funopticon was one of their top five experiences of the year.

Graph of attendees

*Must bring your own World War II documentaries.

Where & When

Funopticon 2021 is August 26–29 at Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp.

The camp this year is a shorter drive from New York City and Boston than 2019’s was. It’s about the same distance from Albany. We’ll collect transportation info from everyone attending and help coordinate carpools.

You are welcome to arrive anytime after 1pm EST on Thursday (8/26). The camp will serve dinner on Thursday around 7:30 PM.

The opening ceremony is at 4pm on Friday (8/27). The opening ceremony is mandatory, so when making travel plans, make sure you can arrive by then. (Anyone taking a red-eye on Thursday night/Friday morning should be able to make it no problem.)

There is no strict end time on Sunday (8/29), but we expect most people will depart in the morning or early afternoon.

Core Values

Construct the Spectacle

Build something great together.

Make Myths

Turn events into legends.

Request Enthusiasm

Respect boundaries and be explicit about consent.

Be the Friend You Want to Make

Imagine the most fun person you could meet, and be like that person.


Tickets to Funopticon are $400, with the option to pay in four installments of $100 each. Your ticket includes lodging, meals, alcohol (though we recommend supplementing with your own), and some secret Funopticon surprises.

Sorry, Funopticon is sold out!

Also, we’ll be using 25% of the ticket price to speculate on obscure cryptocurrencies, with any profit pumped back into making Funopticon extra awesome.

If ticket cost is an issue for you, please reach out to us at

About the Organizers Alex and Max

Max and Alex have been creating fun things together since kindergarten. Their previous escapades have led to Alex’s uncle calling the police, the SWAT team calling Alex’s mom, and Alex getting permanently banned from Iran (noticing a trend?). When asked to describe them, their friend Lily, who has known them since middle school, said, “Alex I know, Max I’m not familiar with.”


Can I invite my friends/lovers/enemies?

Yes! Feel free to share this page with anyone you want to invite (no cops though). When they buy their ticket, we’ll ask for the name of the person who referred them.

Can I get a cheaper ticket if I can only come for two days?

No. Since most of our costs are fixed, two-day tickets would have only been $25 cheaper, so we decided the extra logistics created by two ticket classes weren’t worth it. If you can only make it for two days, consider the extra $25 a donation to the Funopticon general fund—or an option to come for all three days at the last minute.

Are you guys making money off this?

We’re aiming to make as much money from Funopticon as possible. Given our track record, this will probably result in both of us having to declare personal bankruptcy.

Why is it called Funopticon?

The Panopticon is a type of institutional building and a system of control designed by the English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th century. This is like that, but fun.

What happened to Tim?

Due to a freak pooping accident, Tim sustained a brain injury that caused him to lose the ability to plan Funopticon, while retaining all other functionality. Doctors describe the condition as “deeply medical” and “totally, 100% real.”

Did Alex really get banned from Iran?

Yes. Here’s the article that made the Iranian government mad at him.